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Belle Boyd - Siren of the Shenandoah


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Return of Cleopatra

By 1866, Belle Boyd had returned to the United States.  She was widowed, both her parents had passed away, she was a single mother and needed money.  As she had done in England, Belle again took to the stage.
Performing in New York City, Belle appeared onstage in a production of "The Honeymoon."  Work in New York was scarce in 1868, and Belle joined a stock company, performing in Ohio and Texas.
Belle met and married successful businessman, John Hammond, allowing her to 'retire' and raise a family.  Together, the couple had four children (one died in infancy).  The union lasted for 15 years, but ended in divorce.
Once again, Belle found herself in need of work to support herself and her family.  Remarried, to Nathanial Rue High (18 years her junior), Belle began performing dramatic presentations relating her Civil War experiences.  Her audiences were primarily Union veterans who enjoyed her charismatic and lively performances.


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